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Language Trainingprogrammes tailored to your needs

In today's global marketplace, the ability to communicate effectively with your customers and business partners is essential. Whether you need one-off, intensive language training, regular assistance or just a nudge in the right direction, Language Matters can help you with a programme tailored to your needs.

Translationswhich read like an original document

Accurate and meaningful translation of text is essential to those conducting international business. All translations are undertaken by qualified, professional translators, who will also be experienced in your field, guaranteeing translations of the highest quality.

Interpretersensure detailed understanding

We provide highly skilled simultaneous and consecutive interpreters, ensuring that the detail of your message is clearly understood. Our interpreters can work on your behalf at meetings, conferences, training seminars and during conference calls, to accurately communicate not just the gist but the detail of what you are saying.

Cultural Awarenessenables your business success

Understanding the cultural differences and corporate style of your business partners and customers is crucial to business success. Whether preparing for a meeting or relocating to a new country, our cultural awareness briefings will familiarize you with the cultural, social, political, economic and business practices of that country, enabling you to operate effectively and with ease in your target market.

UK Professional Home Stay immersion in language and culture

homestay image
Living with a British family for a period of time ensures total language and cultural immersion, which is the quickest and arguably most enjoyable route to learning the English language. Our intensive courses combine language training and cultural immersion with a host family and are designed specifically for the business professional. The host family is carefully selected to match the requirements and preferences of the client. All of the families live to the West of London with easy access to the city and airports.