About Us

Run by a Qualified, Experienced Linguist

Debbie holds a joint Honours degree in French and German from the University of Bath, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Post-Compulsory Education, a Post-Graduate Diploma in commercial French and German and she is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. She is passionate about languages and how the ability to speak another language can enhance your life, both personally and professionally.

Our mission is to provide outstanding language training and related services at realistic prices – to deliver excellence with integrity.

20 Years' Experience

Language Matters was established in 1992. After working for eight years in a global role in the self-study language business, Debbie felt that there was a need to provide a more personal service tailored to individual company and client requirements.

Debbie Sassonopening quote  Having worked in the self-study language market for several years, I became frustrated that many of the people who bought the courses never got beyond beginners' level! I was lucky enough to fall into teaching the Marketing Director of a German company. He loved the job but not the regular meetings in Germany, since they were all conducted in German! This client was never going to settle for being able to order the odd beer… he wanted to be able to stand on his own two feet and fast. We were both delighted when he began to grasp the language and understand the weekly meetings in German and I got such a buzz out of helping to make that happen. That was what prompted me to persuade international companies to adopt our language training approach and the results have been amazing. We train across all sectors, in numerous locations in the UK and overseas. We also help our clients with their other language needs, such as translation and interpreting. The team and I are passionate about what we do and we look forward to helping you with your language requirements.  closing quote

Debbie Sasson – Founder and Managing Director,
Language Matters (UK) Ltd

Debbie's first client

Martin McCourtopening quote  Every now and again a challenge comes along that can seem like a mountain to be climbed. That is pretty much how I felt when my new employer said that I would need a command of German to participate in European strategy meetings. Luckily I engaged the services of Language Matters and Debbie Sasson somehow converted me into a passable German speaker in just a few short months … her engaging, motivational and softly demanding approach pulled me through. Debbie is a natural coach.  closing quote

Martin McCourt – Director, Montagu Private Equity Associates
Orange Business Leader of the Year, 2010
Former CEO, Dyson

Over the intervening 20 years the business has grown to provide language and cultural awareness training and translation and interpreting services to companies and organisations across the UK and overseas. Several of our clients – who range from small start-ups to multi-nationals and the Ministry of Defence – have been learning with us continuously for over ten years and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have never lost business to a competitor.