About Us

We provide language and cultural training, as well as translation and interpreting services, to clients around the world. We take care to select the very best trainer, translator, interpreter or cultural consultant for each assignment and we work closely with both the consultant and the client to achieve the highest standard of delivery and service. Our main office is in the UK and we recently opened a European base in Rome.

Language and Cultural Awareness Training

about us

Debbie Sasson is accessible to all clients and gives individual attention to every language training or cultural awareness programme that is set up, guaranteeing that courses are designed to meet individual requirements.

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Translation and Interpreting

How we work

Our translators and interpreters are highly qualified professionals with many years' experience behind them. All translations are undertaken by a subject specialist, so you can rest assured that your translation will be technically accurate and linguistically of the highest quality.

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UK Professional Home Stays


All our home stays are tailored to the individual requirement. We have an array of professional families who are keen to host businessmen and women and assist them in learning English in an enjoyable and welcoming environment.

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