Cultural Awareness

Cultural AwarenessUnderstanding the cultural differences and corporate style of your partners and customers is crucial to achieving business success. Whether you are preparing for a meeting or for relocation to a new country, you need to understand the cultural, social, economic and political issues, as well as the do's and don'ts of working and living in a new country.

Preparation Ensures Easy Integration

Intercultural training is an invaluable tool to global employees. It prepares the employee and his family for immersion in a foreign country, providing them with an understanding of the host culture and the means to live and work successfully in the new environment.

What We Cover

Cultural AwarenessOur cultural awareness briefings typically last half or a whole day. They are designed to familiarize you with the cultural, economic, social and business practices of your new country and enable you to operate effectively and with ease in your new market.

Our cultural briefings are tailored to the specific requirements of the individual, couple, family or business team, but are likely to include some or all of the following elements:

Polycomopening quote  Learning the Malay language with Fatimah was a lot of fun. Her relaxed style very quickly put me at ease and the content and structure enabled me to quickly grasp the basics. As well as learning the language, Fatimah was also able to provide me with many cultural insights and do's and don'ts. This supplemented the excellent package of information that Nelly provided me with during the cultural briefing. All of this preparation paid dividends, as I gained respect from my new colleagues very quickly and I have settled into life in Malaysia easily.  closing quote

James Millard—Supply Chain Manager, Coffee & Beverages