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Client: Nestlé

Service provided: Cultural Awareness and Language Training for French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Vietnamese, Malay and English.

Timeframe: 2006 - present

Audience: UK-based executives and their families, who move abroad on international assignments, and overseas executives and their families who relocate into the UK.

Requirement: Senior managers frequently move abroad to take up roles in other countries. They and their families have a need to acquire the new language and for cultural awareness training, so that they are equipped to cope with the language and different way of life and working practices of the host country. Similarly, overseas executives and particularly their families, who move into the UK, need to improve their English language skills quickly, so that they can integrate into British life.

Solution: 40 hours' tailored language and cultural awareness training, usually delivered on a flexible basis, as the clients are very busy prior to their departure. Some recent examples include:

Result: The clients feel more confident when they move to a new country because they have acquired some language skills. They are equipped with the basics and can "survive" and they have a firm foundation on which to build. They are also familiar with the key cultural, social, economic and political aspects of the host country and this awareness aids their transition to life in a new country.

Polycomopening quote  Learning the Malay language with Fatimah was a lot of fun. Her relaxed style very quickly put me at ease and the content and structure enabled me to quickly grasp the basics. As well as learning the language, Fatimah was also able to provide me with many cultural insights and do's and don'ts. This supplemented the excellent package of information that Nelly provided me with during the cultural briefing. All of this preparation paid dividends, as I gained respect from my new colleagues very quickly and I have settled into life in Malaysia easily.  closing quote

James Millard—Supply Chain Manager, Coffee & Beverages