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Client: Poly

Service provided: Language Training in French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Polish and English.

Timeframe: March 2011 - present

Audience: Employees in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US who need to improve their language skills for a range of business purposes.



Training using video-collaboration is ideal for delivering training globally or for those who travel. The quality of the links means that we can create a virtual classroom. It's economic, environmentally friendly and just as effective as the conventional approach.

Click the play button on the video to see how, using Polycom video-conferencing technology™, we deliver language training to teams throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US. Hear what
our trainers have to say about its effectiveness.

Result: The main barriers to learning which can affect group training across a corporate environment were eliminated. Using Polycom's RealPresence™ secure HD video and telepresence solutions has resulted in:

Employees have welcomed the chance to improve their language skills and have benefitted both personally and professionally. For example, an English account manager can now understand orders from his German partner, a Dutch member of the Marketing Development team was able to intervene in negotiations with a German customer and go on to win the contract and technical support engineers can provide an increased level of support in their customers' and partners' own language.

Download: PDF of Polycom press release

Francoise.jpgopening quote  Language Matters has provided us with a number of language courses at various levels. In addition to excellent language classes, Languages Matters provides regular reporting, attendance records and progress reports at regular intervals. They also monitor participant satisfaction by asking them to complete course evaluations at key stages of the learning.
Polycom employees have found these classes invaluable and the business has benefited from their new skills. Debbie Sasson is a joy to work with and the trainers are very approachable and professional.
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Françoise Gamelas – MA (HRM) Chartered MCIPD, Senior HR Business Partner