Language Qualifications

The decision on whether to take a recognized qualification is entirely up to the company and/or individual. Many clients like to see evidence of employee progress; others are happy to see the on-going benefits in improved day-to-day communications with business partners, customers and colleagues in overseas offices.

Snall group training

Employees at Avid Technology welcome the chance to gain a business language qualification from the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA examination board.

Gain a Recognized Qualification

If you do decide to opt for a recognized qualification, we offer a variety to suit all requirements.

We have a pass rate of close to 100%. In July, our clients sat 205 units of the OCR Certificate in Business Language Competence in French, German and Spanish and passed 203 units.

The qualifications we offer can be cross-referenced to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The CEFR is a guideline established by the Council of Europe which provides a method of assessing and teaching languages in Europe and increasingly in other countries. The six reference levels are becoming widely accepted as the European standard for grading language proficiency and trainee progress is monitored and assessed in relation to this framework.