Our Trainers

Your trainer is your key to successful learning. We work with only the best and every member of our team is personally interviewed by the founder of the business.

Highest Calibre of Trainers

All our trainers are fully qualified and experienced in teaching languages to adults. Most are native-speakers; some are not, but are qualified to degree or post-graduate level and have experience of living and/or working in the target country.

Our approach is personal and friendly and the trainers are matched carefully to the clients' needs and environment.

We are proud of our team and realize that the high volume of repeat business is due to the quality and commitment of our trainers.

Sabine  French  Spanish  
Sabine has delivered French and Spanish language training to Language Matters' clients within the Thames Valley continuously for 14 years. She has an MA in Spanish Language, Literature and Civilisation from the Université Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux III and a teaching qualification in Adult and Further Education. She has also taught in Adult Education and for the Ministry of Defence. A tremendously popular trainer with a great personality, Sabine always goes the extra mile to deliver outstanding courses. In her spare time Sabine loves walking and cooking, not just French recipes! She is also a very keen reader.

opening quote  Sabine is an absolutely exceptional teacher in an international corporate environment. My customers have provided excellent feedback and I would have not been equipped to deliver this level of support without the insight into France and French customs and manners which Sabine has given me.  closing quote

Renato Iarossi – Customer Success Specialist,
Avid Technology

Rob  Russian  German  German  A professional language trainer and translator, Rob has a degree in Applied Linguistics from the Institute for Foreign Language Professions in Munich (Sprachen- und Dolmetscherinstitut) in English, Russian and German; he also has the Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists and a graduate teaching qualification. Rob has many years' experience of in-company language training, has worked as a Russian language trainer and interpreter for the German Army and acted as Lead Tutor for Language Matters on an intensive German Language and Cultural Awareness Course for the Ministry of Defence. He is a team player and an enthusiastic and results-oriented tutor with excellent interpersonal skills and a dynamic teaching style. Surprisingly for a German, Rob plays the Scottish Highland bagpipes, he enjoys travelling in Africa and takes photography very seriously. He has been known to play German rock music to his students during the break!

opening quote  Robert's enthusiastic and motivating approach has really helped build my confidence. He is always well-prepared for the sessions and his careful planning ensures that we cover all areas – speaking, listening, writing and reading in German. He also has the ability to spot weaknesses and produce exercises to address those weaknesses. The tutoring sessions are very enjoyable and a highlight of my week.  closing quote

Lisa le Vesconte – Elite Service Manager, Global Services,

Isabelle  French Spanish  
Originally from Aix-en-Provence, with a Spanish mother and French father, Isabelle is a talented linguist (English, French, Spanish); she has a degree in English and a qualification in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from the Université de Lettres d'Aix en Provence. She has over 20 years' experience of providing general and business language training to companies from all sectors and has also provided training for the Alliance Française and the Institut Français. With excellent interpersonal skills and a bubbly personality, Isabelle is a popular trainer, who consistently receives excellent feedback from her clients. Never one to sit still for too long, Isabelle’s passions are long distance running and Jazzercise dance classes!

opening quote  Isabelle is the best teacher I have ever had. She is skilled at explaining complicated French grammar and she can always give explanations when equivalent expressions in English are not available. She is a lovely person and it is a pleasure to have her as my tutor.  closing quote

Hans Rechert – Applications Engineer,
Icore (Zodiac Aerospace)

Sarah  Italian  French   A French-native speaker from Brussels, Sarah has a Masters in European Studies and International Politics from the Centre d'Etudes des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques in Brussels. She has taught French and Italian at the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as to executives in companies in Brussels, Strasbourg and the UK. Sarah is an enthusiastic, professional language trainer, whose clients consistently provide us with excellent feedback. Sarah loves dancing and Zumba and more sedate pastimes include cooking, reading and watching rugby.

opening quote Sarah has been fantastic in helping me with my French understanding and conversation through her structured and enthusiastic approach. She very quickly established a good routine for me and adapted her teaching style to align with my natural learning style. I now have a much greater confidence to speak in French and with a much improved understanding of grammar find writing and reading far easier to do. Each week is a very enjoyable and enriching experience from which my confidence in French is growing.  closing quote

Chris Wilson – Managing Director, Gloucester Site,

Marie  French  Spanish  English  
A qualified translator and language trainer, Marie is a French native speaker, who also has fluency in Spanish and English. She has a BA in Spanish from the Université de Poitiers and holds the Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, as well as the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (Law). She is a popular French language trainer who is skilled at delivering courses both face-to-face and remotely. She has taught in companies and Adult Education and also delivered intensive courses for the Ministry of Defence.

opening quote  From my experience, Marie is an excellent, friendly, relaxed trainer. She has a great ability to engage and to determine very quickly the level at which the conversation and exercises should be set. Consequently I have been able to respond and participate in conversations with confidence and have genuinely enjoyed our sessions together. I look forward to the sessions to come.  closing quote

Blair King – Programme Manager, EMEA
Avid Technology Europe Ltd

Judith  English  French  Spanish  Having studied French to degree level and lived and worked as a tutor of English as a Foreign Language in Latin America, Judith speaks French and Spanish, as well as her native English. She has an excellent knowledge of languages and language learning and a sincere enthusiasm for helping her clients to achieve their objectives. She is skilled at delivering language training both face-to-face and remotely. Judith's passion is music and she attends live gigs whenever possible. She is also interested in aikido and enjoys outdoor pursuits such as kayaking, cycling and walking.

opening quote  It was hard understanding native speakers and I felt under stress. I was worried about not understanding after a second repeating or a third. Things changed after training with Judith started. It took about three minutes for Judith to realize my English level and prepare a plan for our first lesson. She trained me for one month and her flexible methods always provided the best results. I felt that every lesson was just the exact thing I needed for my normal work with native speakers. I am now continuing my training back in Moscow with another great Language Matters trainer, Brandon. Many thanks for opening the gate to the English world!  closing quote

Denis Mesyats – EMEA Technical Support Engineer, Moscow,

Una  English  
A dynamic and results-oriented trainer of English as a Foreign Language, Una holds the Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of London and Paris as well as the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector. She is an examiner for the Cambridge Exams. She has many years' experience of teaching at all levels in Turkey, France and Portugal, as well as in the UK. A particularly warm person, Una always goes the extra mile to exceed her clients' expectations. In her spare time Una loves Zumba, painting and visiting exhibitions.

opening quote  I enjoyed learning English with Una. She is an excellent teacher and a warm and caring person, her general cultural knowledge is awesome. She always tries to make classes relevant, using a variety of materials and discussion topics to keep you interested. What I have appreciated most about Una's tuition is the focus on my specific needs rather than a general 'one size fits all' approach: the positive and supportive approach to using the language from the very beginning and the ability to come away from a session feeling that it was greatly beneficial. She really helped me to improve my knowledge of the language. I feel much more comfortable knowing the words, etiquette and some idioms of local English speakers.  closing quote

Derege Zenbe – Systems Specialist IT, Pinewood Studios,
Avid Technology

Hussain  Arabic   Originally from Iraq, Hussain is a professional linguist who holds the Institute of Linguists Diploma in Public Service Interpreting. Hussain has over twenty years' experience of translating, interpreting and teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language to the Ministry of Defence, the Met Police and a number of UK-based companies. He is passionate about sharing this colourful language and its culture with his clients, who consistently provide us with outstanding feedback on his courses. In his free time Hussain enjoys bird watching, maintaining his tropical fish, reading and walking, as well as travelling and socialising, particularly with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Hazel  English  
Hazel holds a BA Hons in Linguistics and English Language and a MA in Linguistics and Language Corpora from the University of Leeds. She is a professional journalist and copywriter, who regularly writes for the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Independent as well as a number of quality magazines, including in-flight magazines and educational publications. She combines this work with teaching English and delivering English communication skills and media training workshops. Hazel is passionate about helping her clients improve their English for general and business purposes. Hazel’s big passion is music: she sings, plays both the violin and guitar, and also enjoys stand-up comedy – that's watching it, not performing!

opening quote  Everyone is absolutely buzzing about yesterday's session, thank you! It's great that they're enthusiastic about continuing the learning too and I'm happy to support this for as long as it takes.  closing quote

Naomi Button – Learning Development Manager,
Mamas and Papas

Robin  English   An experienced trainer of English as a Foreign Language and English Communication Skills, Robin majored in drama and media at university and she is qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language. She delivers one-to-one training and group Communication Skills workshops to both foreign and native speakers of English. The training is tailored to the individual client's needs, but common areas for development include public speaking, structuring and delivering presentations, pronunciation and enunciation, as well as non-verbal communication skills. Robyn is experienced in preparing candidates for the Cambridge English exams and IELTS. Robin has delivered English courses to Language Matters clients including Nestlé, Diageo and Motorola for many years and her clients are always delighted with her courses. When Robin is not teaching, she loves acting, going to the theatre or doing yoga.

opening quote  Janin is enjoying her classes with Robin and her English is improving a great deal.  closing quote

Rob Cooper – Diageo