Language Training

A Range of Delivery Options

Choose from a range of delivery methods:

The majority of our clients opt for face-to-face training at their offices in the UK or abroad. However, for those who travel or find it difficult to attend in the office, we offer alternative methods of delivery. Training via Skype or video-conference is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows for increased flexibility. We have clients who travel three weeks in four and others who are not office-based, and learning remotely is the perfect solution for them.

Training using video-collaboration is ideal for geographically-dispersed teams or for those who travel. The quality of the links means that we can create a virtual classroom. It's economic, environmentally friendly and just as effective as the conventional approach.

Click the play button on the video to the right to see how, using Polycom video-conferencing technology™, we deliver language training to teams throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US. Hear what
our trainers have to say about its effectiveness.

Perhaps you would suit a blended solution, combining face-to-face or remote training with self-directed learning. The learner is supported at all times by the trainer and can email directly for support.

Bea Alonsoopening quote  I have always been passionate about learning languages, but my work schedule makes it impossible to commit to a regular time slot. Language Matters has provided me with the ideal solution by facilitating my one-to-one language training via Skype. No matter where I am, as long as I have a good internet connection, I can attend my weekly sessions, which I have been doing for almost 3 years now. I first took Intermediate/Advanced French training when I moved to Paris. I have now relocated to Singapore and I continue to travel extensively. Still, thanks to Language Matters' professional and committed trainers, I have been able to continue my weekly Skype sessions, both for French, and more recently, Mandarin. My trainers are always willing to accommodate my hours and irregular timeslots. Their flexibility and today's technology have been essential to my language learning, and to passing my DELF and DALF French examinations with flying colours!  closing quote

Bea Alonso-Martinez—Senior Manager,
Professional Services Consulting and Training Delivery,
Asia Pacific, Avid Technology Ltd, Singapore