Accurate, Confidential Interpreting Services

Multilingual meetings and events can prove highly challenging for any organisation.

Our professional interpreters offer an effective, impartial and confidential communication channel for your face-to-face interactions with speakers of other languages.

Their linguistic skills mean that not only is the correct word or phrase used in context, but additionally the appropriate tone, intention and feeling of that message are conveyed. Equally importantly, their intercultural and interpersonal skills will ensure that cultural barriers are eliminated, so that your event runs smoothly and you can focus on the job in hand.


When are interpreting services useful?

We can recommend the most appropriate service for your situation and provide highly skilled interpreters to work on your behalf at:

  • Meetings
  • Client visits
  • Training events
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Court hearings
  • Interviews
  • Tours
  • Contract negotiations

Which interpreting service do you need?


Consecutive interpreting is used for meetings, presentations, training courses, interviews, press conferences and speeches at lunches and dinners. The speaker pauses every few minutes, allowing the interpreter to render what has been said into the target language, often with the help of notes made while the speaker was talking.


Simultaneous interpreting is ideal for conferences and seminars. It is typically carried out by an interpreter stationed in a soundproof booth or using a portable interpreting system. This allows the interpreter to translate the current sentence into the target language, whilst simultaneously listening to and mentally processing the next sentence. The speech is therefore relayed to the delegates in real time. Simultaneous interpreting requires intense concentration, so interpreters tend to work in pairs, alternating approximately every 30 minutes.


Whispered simultaneous interpreting (also known as chuchotage from the French) is used for seminars, conferences or events where there are very few participants who need language assistance and who do not intend to take the floor. It is also ideal for guided plant tours. The interpreter, who is positioned next to the listener, whispers the translated message to the listener.

Why choose Language Matters?

  • We offer top-quality interpreting – our interpreters are highly qualified professionals with a minimum of three years’ experience
  • We can provide all European and most world languages
  • Our interpreters are subject specialists with in-depth knowledge of your field and familiarity with the industry terminology
  • Cultural accuracy – our interpreters are not just experts in the chosen language, but also knowledgeable about the culture of the country
  • We can accommodate tight turnarounds
  • Virtual and face-to-face options available
  • Complete confidentiality
“Realising at the last minute that the interpreter we had booked was unavailable, we asked Language Matters at 6.00 p.m. to provide a Mandarin interpreter for our meeting with the Beijing Government and Beijing Unicom at 09.00 a.m. the following day. We were delighted with the result. Xinxin managed very well with minimal briefing in the jargon and technology and she sounded confident and fluent. The Chinese were impressed with their visit and the meeting was a great success.”
Andrew Hug
Systems Engineer EMEA, Polycom


Alternatively, simply email your enquiry to and we will be in touch to discuss your brief and provide you with a quote.