Detailed, Accurate Transcriptions

Language Matters offer multilingual transcription services to provide a written record of spoken communications, such as meetings, hearings, investigations or focus groups.

Transcription is a highly skilled task that requires excellent focus and attention to detail.

Our expert team will take your recorded material in any language and transcribe it into professionally formatted text in the same language. The transcripts can then, if required, be translated into your chosen language or languages.



Live Transcription

The script is transcribed from a live broadcast. Due to the nature of a fast paced, live, verbal communication, the quality of a live transcription can never be the same standard as audio or video transcripts, as there is no time for correction or refinement. Unless it is essential to have a live transcript, we recommend using one of the alternatives.

Audio Transcription

An audio recording is transcribed word for word. The text can be time-stamped, if required, so that every word is synced to the audio. It can then additionally be translated into any number of languages.

Video Transcription

Video transcription is available for most languages. The transcript is time-stamped to connect the relevant dialogue to the visual section of the file. These time stamps also ensure that, if the file is subsequently translated and foreign language dialogue or subtitles applied to the video, then the spoken and visual elements are in sync.

See what our clients have to say…

“I would just like to feed back that the interpreter was excellent.”
London Centre for Neglected Tropical Disease Research, Imperial College
“I have received feedback from the client who described the translation as ‘perfect’.

Many thanks for a job extremely well done.”
Legal Services Company, London
“I would like to thank you very much for your responsiveness and also for the quality of the interpreter.  The meeting went very well today.”
Aeronautical Engineer
Safran Electrical & Power
“The team from Language Matters support Zodiac Aerospace with professional, accurate, fast and efficient translation services at a very competitive price.”
David Bayliss
Director of Business Improvement, Zodiac Aerospace


Alternatively, simply email your enquiry to We will get in touch to discuss your project brief and come back to you with our quotation and earliest completion date.