Clear, Accurate, Meaningful Translations

At Language Matters we understand that our clients require more than just a direct translation.

Culture, nuance and context are all essential to ensure that translated materials are appropriate for the intended market and leave no room for misinterpretation or ambiguity.

Imperfect translations are a risk to business. They can damage your brand’s reputation, cause negotiations to founder and in a worse-case scenario even lead to legal disputes.

Don’t be caught out like a major international bank which was forced to launch a US$10 million rebranding campaign to repair the damage done when its slogan “Assume Nothing” was mistranslated as “Do Nothing” in a number of countries!

Experienced, Professional Translators

Language Matters’ translators are professionals.  They are highly qualified in languages, linguistics and translation and are accredited by the major institutes for professional translators and interpreters.

They translate exclusively into their native language and have a minimum of three years’ professional experience.

“I asked Language Matters if they could translate a letter into 18 languages for our client, a PCT in the NHS. I knew  that they can cope with quick turnarounds, but was delighted when they delivered all 18 languages, including rarer ones such as Albanian, Lithuanian, Bengali, Somali and Slovak over a bank holiday weekend! They exceeded our expectations.”
Alan Sheehan
General Manager, NHS Shared Business Services, Sopra Steria

Sector Expertise

Every translation is undertaken by a subject specialist in your field. Our translators have experience of working across a wide range of sectors.

Their experience and familiarity with the subject matter will result in your translation being technically accurate, localised for the relevant market and of the highest linguistic quality. Our work habitually necessitates the use of specialist terminology for documents, such as manuals, product descriptions, technical specifications, patents, licence agreements, contracts and reports.

Our fields of expertise include:
Aerospace and Defence
Banking and Finance
Engineering and Technical
IT, Digital and Telecoms
Legal Services
Medical and Healthcare
Sorts and Entertainment

Market-Specific Transcreation

Our team includes translators who specialise in the creative adaptation of your marketing material, ensuring that your message is conveyed as effectively in overseas markets as it is at home.

Whether you are producing a foreign language version of your website, a blog or an ad campaign, your ideas and your message will be delivered in the appropriate style and tone, with content localised for your target market. The result is copy which has been sensitively and creatively translated to make the right impact in the right way.

Tight Deadlines

We are available seven days a week and can meet very challenging deadlines, often less than 24 hours.

“We had a tight deadline with a major Russian client, well known to be demanding and exacting. We instructed Language Matters to translate a lengthy and complex report to an extremely tight deadline and that deadline was met. The client was extremely happy with the quality of the translation and I’ve now logged LM into my contacts as the 4th emergency service!”
Legal Services Company, London

Our Service Options

We offer a range of service options. You may find that you don’t need a full translation.

Options include:

  • A summary of key points for information and internal use only.
  • A content outline of a larger document, enabling you to identify which sections of the document need to be translated.
  • Translation and proof check by a second linguist – recommended for internal use.
  • Translation by a professional translator with review by a second translator – recommended for external use.

How does our translation process work?


We consult with you to understand your audience, the purpose of the translation and your desired outcomes.


We allocate your project to the most appropriate translator with experience of your field.


We work closely with you, checking when clarification of terminology is required. We ensure we understand your business, so that your message is fully reflected in the translation.


Use of translation memory tools ensures consistency of terminology throughout the project. We can build a glossary of terminology relevant to your company for use in future translations.


Accurate translations delivered on time and at the agreed price.

“The team from Language Matters support Zodiac Aerospace with professional, accurate, fast and efficient translation services at a very competitive price.”
David Bayliss
Director of Business Improvement, Zodiac Aerospace

Additional Services


Proofreading is a service we provide, even if we don’t undertake the translation. You might use a free online tool or ask employees who are native speakers of a language to provide a translation – but knowledge of a target language does not necessarily mean that a polished and meaningful translation will be achieved. Our proofreaders can scrutinise spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, accuracy, clarity of meaning and authenticity of style. Proofreading is an insurance against unintended errors.

Certified Translations

Certified translations are often necessary for official documents such as birth or marriage certificates that prove identity to employers or authorities. Language Matters will provide you with a signed declaration stating that the translation is the work of a professional translator.

Notarised Translations

Government bodies, courts and other authorities sometimes require translations to be notarised. This means the translator has to make a declaration, witnessed by a solicitor, that the document is, to the best of the translator’s knowledge, accurate and complete. Some notarised documents may also need to be legalised, involving Foreign and Commonwealth Office ratification. We can help in both situations.


All material received is treated as confidential. All our translators sign NDAs. We will sign an NDA with you, upon request.


Translation is usually priced according to word count. The cost varies according to language, subject matter and format.


Alternatively, simply email your enquiry to We will get in touch to discuss your project brief and come back to you with our quotation and earliest completion date.