Translation and Language Training, Europe

Client Requirements

Our client has experienced rapid growth in Continental Europe in recent years.  A British company, they are now the largest commercial and industrial property operator in Europe, owning and managing properties in France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Germany.

Expansion of the European business has led to:

  • A need for professional translation services – to ensure that the company message is communicated accurately, effectively and in a culturally appropriate manner across seven European markets.
  • A requirement for employees with skills in a range of languages – to communicate with European colleagues and international clients and to liaise with the UK head office.

Our Solution: Translation

  • Work closely with the client to understand their business, audience and the purpose of the translations.
  • Translators with relevant experience of the subject matter are assigned to each project, to ensure accurate translation of in-house and industry-specific terms.
  • Our expert linguists translate and localise documents into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Polish and Dutch, covering areas such as sustainability strategy, business continuity, data protection, health and safety and procurement.
  • Liaise with the client throughout the translation process, clarifying any ambiguous or complex terms.
  • A database of terminology specific to the client’s field is maintained in order to ensure correct usage and consistency of terminology.
  • A final check is undertaken by the local teams as, after all, no-one understands the business quite as well as the client does!

Outcomes: Translation

  • Fast and accurate translation.
  • The original message remains intact and is communicated in the most effective way in local markets.
  • Translations are delivered on or ahead of time, so that project deadlines are met.
  • The client’s brand and image are protected across Europe.

Our Solution: Language Training for European Teams

  • Working closely with the HR team, we set up and run English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch courses focused on individual language and business needs for employees in the UK, France and Germany.
  • Devise bespoke 1-2-1 training focused on individual language and business needs for employees in Paris, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg. General conversational skills are combined with communication skills for business, such as participating in virtual and face-to-face meetings, telephone skills, presenting with impact, email writing and contract negotiation.
  • Introduce bespoke language training in European languages for specific business purposes. For example, Spanish and English for finance, Dutch for marketing and communications, French and German for relocation.


Once individual employees’ training requirements have been approved by their line managers, we initiate the following process:
  • Delegates complete a training needs analysis to establish business and language needs.
  • Delegates complete an online diagnostic test and a speaking and listening skills assessment to establish level of proficiency.
  • We devise a programme of training tailored to their specific needs.
  • We carefully select the most appropriate trainer to deliver the programme.
  • Delegates attend 1.5 hours a week at their office with the flexibility to reschedule sessions around their work and other commitments. During the Covid pandemic, the training was delivered virtually.
  • Delegates are asked for feedback a few weeks into the course to establish whether any changes are required.
  • Delegates are supported throughout the learning process via our electronic helpline and online resources.
  • Attendance records are shared with the client monthly.
  • Individual learner progress is monitored, with detailed progress reports provided to the employee, line manager and HR team after every 40 hours of training.
  • Delegates are asked to complete an end-of-course evaluation to ensure client satisfaction and establish whether any changes are required.


“I was in Germany yesterday and I spoke with B who is currently having English lessons and the difference was amazing. She was very chatty, confident and her true personality came through a lot more. This was so lovely to see and encouraging for her how her investment in the training has paid off.”
UK Manager

Outcomes: Language Training for European Teams

  • Employees in France and Germany are now working successfully in two, three or even four languages.
  • We have provided over 1,500 hours of language training which has resulted in:
    • enhanced business confidence
    • increased understanding and collaboration between international teams
    • improved speaking and writing skills, enabling teams to get their message across more effectively and with greater impact
    • greater cultural understanding of other European markets
    • increased employee engagement

Specific outcomes include:

French and German for relocation

Employees relocating abroad need language and cultural training to help them settle and integrate in the new country and communicate with local colleagues. Our training starts before they leave the UK, includes a handover to ensure continuity and continues with our local trainers in Germany and France for the entire assignment.

Spanish and English for finance

The Paris-based head of the French finance team and Spanish subsidiary has improved his accuracy and fluency in Spanish for business and general conversation and can now communicate with his Spanish team in their own language. He has also benefitted from English language training and is now able to communicate more effectively with UK and international colleagues in Spanish and English, as well as in his own native French.

Spanish for general conversations and marketing

By the end of her course, a French member of the marketing team was drafting emails in Spanish and could understand her Spanish colleagues’ conversations.

Italian for general conversations and finance

A financial analyst, responsible for financial reporting of the Italian business, but with no prior knowledge of the language at the start of the course, was soon starting to use Italian for general conversation and has now progressed to business Italian.

Dutch for marketing and communications

A Düsseldorf-based member of the marketing and communications team, fluent in German, English and French, needed to improve her Dutch to connect with PR contacts and colleagues in the Netherlands. With training, she improved her Dutch speaking and marketing communications skills.

French for frequent travel and contact with Paris based colleagues

The UK-based Sustainability Manager is a frequent traveller and needed weekly sessions on a flexible diary basis. He can now hold general conversations with colleagues on familiar matters when visiting the Paris office.

English for international communication

Many employees in the EU are benefitting from 1-2-1 English language training at all levels.  As a result, they feel more confident interacting socially with UK and international colleagues, participating in calls, attending virtual and face-to-face meetings and when drafting emails, reports and contracts.