Language Training 

Client Requirements

Poly have a number of different language training requirements based on each individual’s role:

  • EMEA employees must be able to communicate effectively in English with international colleagues, partners and customers at all levels.
  • Employees throughout EMEA need to speak other European languages, so that they can better understand their customers’ needs and forge stronger relationships.
  • Partner response teams in a number of European countries need to be able to deal with account issues and provide low-level technical support in several languages.
  • Technical support engineers in Warsaw and Moscow need to be able to provide partners and customers with phone and email support in various languages.
  • International employees based in Amsterdam and Warsaw need everyday Dutch and Polish to help them integrate into daily life and for working in Dutch and Polish office environments.

Our Solutions

A range of training solutions to address individual business and language requirements.

Each participant completes:

  • a training needs analysis
  • an online diagnostic test and a speaking and listening skills assessment

Participants are encouraged to learn in groups of four, as this is the most cost-effective solution.  However, individuals who have specific business requirements, need a flexible approach or have to reach the desired level quickly learn on a 1-2-1 basis.

"The course is going very well and it was essential to my presentation made in Paris. Jackie is excellent."
Marco Iorio
Major Account Manager, Polycom Italy

Delivery options include:

  • Small group training by video collaboration
    A cost-effective solution for geographically-dispersed employees. Working closely with the HR team, we set up and deliver to employees in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Russia, the UAE and South Africa.
  • Bespoke face-to-face training in London, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Warsaw and Amsterdam
    This option is for employees who prefer direct trainer contact to virtual learning by video conference.
  • 1-2-1 training – virtual or face-to-face
    For those who require flexibility or have specific business needs.   For example, having received this training in German, a Dutch member of the marketing development team was able to intervene in negotiations with a German customer and win the contract.
“Language Matters has provided us with a number of language courses at various levels. In addition to excellent language classes, Language Matters provides regular reporting, attendance records and progress reports at regular intervals. They also monitor participant satisfaction by asking them to complete course evaluations at key stages of the learning.

Polycom employees have found these classes invaluable and the business has benefited from their new skills. Debbie Sasson is a joy to work with and the trainers are very approachable and professional.”
Françoise Gamelas
MA (HRM) Chartered MCIPD, Senior HR Business Partner, Polycom


The main barriers to learning, which can affect group training across a corporate environment, have been eliminated. Identified outcomes, using Poly’s secure HD video and telepresence solutions, include:

  • Significantly reduced training costs
    Video-conferencing enables participants across the globe to link into the same course remotely.
  • Flexible learning
    Absences are minimised, as delegates can join from wherever they happen to be. Sessions are recorded, so they can access recorded sequences, should they miss a session.
  • Interactivity
    Video collaboration brings the trainer and participants together in a virtual setting, where they can interact as much as they would face-to-face.
  • Multiple language skills
    Many employees are now operating in several languages, reducing the need to recruit extra staff with language skills.
  • Increased employee engagement
    Language training has proved to be a highly popular initiative.  For ten years employees have been valuing the opportunity to improve their language skills, benefitting both personally and professionally.
"Our "English Mondays" are perfect – I really like the way how Jackie works with us… So, everything is perfect".
Tomas Kriz
Sales Engineer, Czech Republic
"I enjoy the training a lot and love the open discussions during the pieces of training."
Jens Schneider
Sales Engineer, Germany
"I think the training is going great. Just what I needed. The sessions are helping me with my work, helping me with the tone of my emails and I am feeling more confident when talking to colleagues and managers."
Luisa Pérez
Office Manager Iberia, Spain