Why Language Training?

The ability to communicate effectively with your partners and customers in today's global marketplace is essential. Whether you need one-off, intensive language training, regular assistance or just a nudge in the right direction, Language Matters can help you.

Bespoke Training Programmes

We care passionately that our clients are happy and we provide quality language training that is tailored to fit your business and language needs. We run individual, departmental and company-wide training programmes to suit your requirements and budget. Most of our clients opt for a weekly 1½ or 2 hour session, but more intensive options are available. The maximum recommended number of people per group is six.

Match Trainer to Client

We take time to understand your company and the employees requiring the training, so that we can achieve the perfect fit between trainer and client.

Snall group training
Small group French language training at Steria, where employees have been given the opportunity to improve their French language skills to communicate with the parent company in Paris.